• Bush clearing
  • Land preparation
  • Mechanical covering
  • Land levelling
  • GPS laser levelling and surveying
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Drainage
  • Cane loading and haulage
  • Agriculture and infrastructure
  • Dam and canal construction
  • Minor concrete structures
  • Agriculture equipment hire

The agriculture companies within our group provide world-class agri-business services. These dedicated teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of crops and farming techniques, regions, equipment hire, construction and agricultural contracting services.  

Complimenting our depth of expertise, we have an extensive fleet of purpose-built, modern agricultural equipment and have embraced technology in order to use it to our, and ultimately our Clients’ advantage. Our fleet is fitted with Geotab’s live vehicle tracking system with operator identification to facilitate effective management of the operation and is supplied and supported by world leading original equipment manufacturers. 

Our agricultural equipment comprises

  • Bush clearing equipment
  • Land preparation equipment
  • Planting and spraying equipment
  • Harvesting and hauling equipment
  • Cane loaders, haulers and tractors
  • Tractors
  • Small civil works plant

To read more about our agricultural equipment refer to  our fleet page

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