Sustainable Agriculture creating opportunity

Mashamba Enterprises was established by the Teichmann Group and local stakeholders, in May 2014, in the Haut-Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our vision is to be the leading agricultural provider in the DRC, through a fully integrated food supply and import substitution project whilst creating opportunities for Congolese.

The Mashamba farm began as an initial 240 hectare maize farm and has grown into an award-winning agri-business. We aim to continue this growth until a target of 10 000 hectares is reached in 2025. The Mashamba team have planted maize, and soya as a rotation crop, and have commissioned a state-of-the-art maize meal mill that produces our very own brand of maize meal, "Bunga ya Kwetu", along with other maize products for both human and animal consumption.

Mashamba Foods

Alongside the farm, Mashamba Foods was established due to opportunities arising from Mashamba Enterprises and has developed a world-class feedlot. The feedlot fulfills the increasing demand for protein in the DRC, by introducing beef, pork and poultry into the supply chain. Additionally, Mashamba Foods has established a number of retail outlets in Lubumbashi and surrounds, taking another step towards becoming an all-inclusive, local agricultural provider. Our aim is to further extend our offering of quality produce to the local Congolese and outlet footprint across the Katanaga province. 

Community upliftment

The Mashamba team appreciates that sustainable growth in agriculture is more effective in reducing poverty than any other industry and we are proud of our commitment to community development.

  • Employing local community members, expatriate staff and local, skilled employees, are tasked with transferring skills to lesser skilled employees as part of their day to day functions.
  • In 2018 we began an outgrowers program, partnering with local farmers, providing guidance on sustainable farming techniques and business skills.
  • We support local farmers by selling their quality produce through our stores and supplying them with agricultural equipment.
  • We are building a non-profit school where children from the surrounding villages can have access to a free and quality education in a safe environment.

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