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Our business model consists of independent operating entities based in a number of different African countries that are managed individually, yet work closely together. Whilst we have registered offices in many African countries we are set up as two main operating centres. Teichmann Holdings Mauritius Limited, located in Mauritius, is established to oversee the group's Africa operations and Teichmann South Africa (Pty) Ltd, located in South Africa, is accountable for all South Africa and Namibia operations.

Construction & Mining Brands

Teichmann Holdings (Mauritius)

Teichmann Holdings is located in Mauritius and oversees the group's Africa operations, excluding South Africa and Namibia.

Teichmann (South Africa)

Teichmann South Africa has registered offices in South Africa and Namibia, is accountable for all South Africa and Namibia operations and offers Construction and Mining services to South African and Namibian Clients.

TPH Mozambique

TPH Mozambique operates in Mozambique and offers Construction & Mining services.

Kongo River

Kongo River operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo and offers Construction & Mining Services.

TC&M Zambia

TC&M Zambia operates in Zambia and offers Construction & Mining services.

Other Construction Brands

Teichmann Structures

Teichmann Structures has registered offices in Mauritius, South Africa, Botswana, DRC and offers Civil Engineering Construction services.

Website: http://www.teichmanngrp.com


SMEIPP Construction Brands

T3 Projects

T3 Projects has registered offices in South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, DRC, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Guinea, and offers SMEIPP Construction services.

Website: http://www.t3projects.com


Exploration & Production Drilling Brands

T3 Drilling

T3 Drilling has registered offices in South Africa, Mauritius, DRC and Zambia, and offers Exploration and Production Drilling services.

Website: http://www.t3drilling.com


Agriculture Brands

TAZ Haulage

TAZ Haulage operates in Zambia, and offers Agriculture services.


Mashamba is our award winning agri-business brand in the DRC that currently operates a farm, maize meal mill, feedlot, butcheries and retail outlets.

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