Teichmann Foundation

The Teichmann Foundation was founded in 2013 to support the nutritional, educational, and medical needs of children living in an orphanage in the Tenke region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Initially, there were 12 young children living in the home and over the years 25 children have been part of the family. Cared for by a “mother” and “father” figure, these children are given the opportunity to live in a family environment. Over the years some of the children have left due to maturity or adoption and currently, the home houses 15 children. Once the children finish secondary school, they are given the opportunity to study at a tertiary facility, funded by the foundation.

The foundation has purchased land in the area and plans to rebuild the orphanage with additional accommodation facilities, a central undercover area, and a sports field. The vision is to create a larger home for children who have lost their parents or guardians or who need to be rehomed due to other factors, to offer outreach programs in the form of feeding schemes and adult educational classes, and to offer sports programs to children and adults from surrounding communities.