Safety, Health, Environment
and Quality

At Teichmann we recognise that the proper and professional management of safety, health, environment and quality within our business is key to achieving the exacting standards, expected by ourselves and our clients, which support the ongoing success of our Group.

In line with our culture and values, all contracts across the Teichmann Group are managed with strict health and safety protocols and quality compliance assurance. Apart from complying with the legal requirements of the various countries in which we operate, the Group applies the ILO Code of Practice and adheres to OHSAS 18001 requirements.

This ensures the safety of our employees while giving due respect, consideration and protection to our environment.

Health and Safety
Management System

HIRAC/OHSAS - “Big picture in a nutshell” Model
Health and Safety Management System

and Health

Teichmann has a ZERO Tolerance attitude towards non-compliance of safety procedures and policies. By subscribing to a behaviour based approach we consistently seek to reinforce a positive attitude towards health and safety, and achieve positive results.

Our culture of safety first and caring within our organisation has been purposefully fostered from the onset and is reinforced by our ongoing 'Culture of Caring' campaign, which focuses on our attitude towards ourselves and our colleagues on site, encouraging all staff to be proactive in caring for one another.

We also invest heavily in time and resources to deliver ongoing, quality training programmes, which contribute greatly towards safety. Management reviews are regularly conducted to measure compliance and the effectiveness of safety systems and annual external audits are conducted by an independent third party HSE consultant.

Entities within the Group currently hold OHSAS 18001 certification and as a Group we continuously aspire to this globally recognised occupational health and safety management system to guide our performance.

Safety and Health


The Teichmann Group supports the principle that 'quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intellectual effort' and therefore subscribes to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) throughout the organisation.

This ensures that we consistently assess our ability to meet our customers' expectations as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product and the organisation's requirements.

By adhering to our Quality Policy and cultivating sound governance of our QMS, we strive for continuous improvement and a total commitment towards quality at all levels of the organisation.



The Teichmann Group takes our environmental responsibilities seriously and is always looking for ways to lessen our footprint and improve our environmental management processes.

T3 Drilling and its entities hold the ISO 14001 certification to ensure our environmental management systems match industry best practice. The Group is currently rolling out this plan to all our current active sites in preparation to be audited by an accredited certification company.